About Us

CWF Constructions is a Sydney-based construction company.

Since establishment in 2009, we’ve developed a reputation for innovation, integrity and meticulous workmanship, working with some of Sydney’s leading interior designers and architects.

Our portfolio comprises some of Australia’s finest examples of building reuse, hospitality projects and architectural residences. We pride ourselves on understanding individual client needs, maintaining existing operations and providing value engineering on all our projects.


At CWF Constructions,
we bring unique visions to life.

Commercial/ Hospitality

With a long history of Hospitality Building, we understand the needs of individual clients and their vision. Buildability, Serviceability and Design can all be integrated for successful outcomes. If engaged early we are able to provide cost planning advice, feasibility on projects and budget options to suit the unique needs of each project. Our collaborative approach to projects ensures a successful outcome for all parties.

Re- Use of Buildings

We breathe new life into old buildings. For us, it’s about respecting the original design, preserving irreplaceable elements, and integrating new environments with quality materials and exacting workmanship. Teamwork is key to our approach, and we work closely with design professionals to give buildings an exciting new future.

Architectural Residences

Truly special projects are defined by design. We work collaboratively with owners, architects and designers to bring visions to reality. Exploring innovative solutions, we see potential where others see problems – nothing is impossible, with our dedication to creating beautiful environments for commercial, residential and hospitality. Our portfolio comprises some of Sydney’s premier hospitality destinations, where we’ve worked together with the country’s best architects and interior designers.

• Heritage preservation and upgrades
• Structural alterations and upgrades
• Confined construction spaces
• Alternative building solutions
• Service design and requirements

• Detailed architectural design
• Design and construct
• Commercial/ Hospitality Building
• Architectural Residences


Backed by over 20 years of experience, we are a team of building and project management professionals. 

We also draw on a network of artisans and skilled craftsmen, working only with teams and individuals who best fit the requirements of each project.

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Annandale, NSW2038

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